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Tricialates is a total body conditioning system that can address and help with flexibility problems and existing ailments. You will be guided through 34 basic exercises devised by Joseph Pilates in 1934, and have since have been used to relieve hip problems, joint pain, and a range flexibility issues. Taking a personal approach Patricia will help you at your own pace and bring your body back to its full potential.


"I have been doing classes with Tricia for only a month and already my Husband has noticed that my shape has changed back to how it used to be and he tells me that I’ve now got my waist back. I feel more toned so the classes have really paid off"


—  Andrea



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41, Berechurch Road, Colchester, Essex, CO2 9PW

Tel: 07808 027333

Email: trishharrison123@hotmail.com

Being a dancer for most of my life I have always had an interest in fitness and motion. But one day I landed heavily on my back after a fall from the stage and it left me in terrible pain and I had no range of motion. Instead of going to the doctor (as I should have done!) a friend recommended Pilates and I thought why not. After the first session I noticed a difference and after 10 sessions my back pain had gone. I decided that I want to help people in similar situations to the one I was in and give to them the relief that Pilates gave to me.


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